The Main Lodge is actually two separate buildings connected with a short section in 90 degrees angle. The total area is 135 sqm and one of the bedrooms and one of the WC:s is on the second floor.

There is a big and very nice kitchen, a very cosy main room with a nice open stove and high ceilings and two long visible logs. You will love this room, guaranteed.

A long hallway with toilet and shower corner, and finally a second bedroom called The Red Room or the Courtyard Office as it also is used as ”office”.

On the second floor there is a big bed room (The Green Room) and a WC with shower corner.

Both WC and shower rooms are tiled and with floor heating.
There is also a small room with washing machine, drying cabinet, ironing board.

Main lodge front dorr with illuminated kurbits paintingSovrum övre plan EkgårdenMatplatsen i köket med vackert hörnskåp med matsalsbordHusmors rum - köket med vackert hörnskåp med kurbitsmålningSlussen mellan huskropparnaSlussen mellan huskropparnaStorstugan med vackert lunettfönster Storstugan med vackert lunettfönster EkgårdenHallen i Storstugan samt dörr in till Röda RummetHallen i Storstugan samt dörr in till Röda RummetDet fina lunett fönstret på sin nya plats, med den vackra takkronanSovrum övre plan EkgårdenSovrum övre plan EkgårdenEntré sovrum övre plan Ekgården